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Featured: Flexbox and the keyboard navigation disconnect

CSS Flexbox can create a disconnect between the DOM order and visual presentation of content, causing keyboard navigation to break. For this reason, the CSS Flexible Box Layout module warns against resequencing content logic, but asking authors not to use flexbox in this way seems illogical in itself.

Read more from Léonie Watson on the challenge of Flexbox and accessibility.

News and links

The Accessibility Project redesigns: The open source accessibility resource has a new look.

Petition Demands Release of Internet ADA Regulations: From the news story, “Internet ADA regulations were scheduled to be released this spring, but the U.S. Department of Justice has postponed that until 2018. Now, an online petition is circulating to ask the White House not to wait any longer.”

Looking ahead: Microsoft Edge for developers in 2016: Microsoft sets priorities for its Microsoft Edge browser, including accessibility.

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Karin Hitselberger write about why accessibility is not a “nice thing to do.”

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