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Featured: Mobile assistive technology gesture references

Adrian Roselli has gathered links to resources about gesture references. Those are shortcuts to tasks that you can perform while assistive technology is active.

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News and links

Accessibility in Office 365 — progress in 2015 and plans for 2016: From the blog post: “… we know that compliance with accessibility standards does not guarantee ease of use. This is why the Office 365 team is not only using data from accessibility conformance tests, but also conducting usability studies with people who have vision, mobility, hearing, learning and literacy impairments to make our products more usable and to allow every person to achieve more.”

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New to A11y

Aaron Gustafson published a keynote he gave in 2014, called The Web is for Everyone, where he argues that we all fall short now and again when it comes to seeing the Web as others do.

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