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Featured: Windows 10 anniversary update for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft released a big update for Edge recently. It became the first browser to score a perfect 100 percent on

Read more about the update and check out HTML5 Accessibility.

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Windows 10 still free for assistive technology users: From the post, “Microsoft gave away the upgrade to Windows 10 for a full year. Now most users will pay as much as $199 for a copy of the popular operating system. However, if you’re an assistive technology user, there is good news. You can still get it for free.”

Care about digital access? The U.S. government wants to know: From the post, “The United States Department of Justice needs to hear that web accessibility regulations matter to disabled people. Can you help?”

BBC tests live-stream captions on iPlayer, setting it ahead of many U.S. digital video providers: From the post, " [The video service] could have a feature that no other major OTT provider has: subtitles on live-streamed content."

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Keep it Usable explains how to keep users in focus when it comes to accessibility.

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