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Featured: A quickie on landmark discoverability

Scott O’Hara expands on a piece of advice about menu buttons from Heydon Pickering in a post about landmark discoverability. It’s a great read about some of the finer points of document structure.

Read more in A quickie on landmark discoverability.

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Accessibility Summit scheduled for Sept. 6: Environments for Humans will put on its annual virtual, online accessibility conference in a few weeks.

10k Apart: From the contest site, sponsored by Microsoft and An Event Apart, “With so much of an emphasis on front-end frameworks and JavaScript runtimes, it’s time to get back to basics—back to optimizing every little byte like your life depends on it and ensuring your site can work, no matter what. The Challenge? Build a compelling web experience that can be delivered in 10kB and works without JavaScript.”

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New to A11y

Marcy Sutton teaches you how to start building accessible web applications today in a free course on Egghead.

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