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Featured: Auditing design systems for accessibility

Anna E. Cook focuses on some of the most pivotal accessibility work that designers can do: Creating design systems with baked-in accessibility compliance.

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Did you know that Global Accessibility Awareness Day happens soon? That’s an annual event to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion. Are you a member (or organizer) of a tech-related group, not necessarily focused on a11y, hosted on the Meetup platform? On May 22 (from 4:30 pm US PT - 6:30 PM US PT), the A11yBay Meetup is having a two-hour event marking the 10th Global Accessibility Awareness day (#gaad hashtag on Twitter). The organizers want to partner with other meetups and create the largest meetup event talking about accessibility on that day. Insightful speakers plus the GAAD Co-Founders will be there to make at least one special announcement. Email for more details on how to get involved in the partnership.

The 7th LinkedIn hosted Accessibility Camp Bay Area is May 22, extending the 10th anniversary of GAAD. It features 18 talks, a deliberately less formal atmosphere than a traditional conference, and is free to attend. Register at

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