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Featured: Van11y: A collection of accessible scripts

JavaScript has become more popular on the Web, and many turn to frameworks for help. The creators of Van11y (for vanilla accessibility) have made a collection of accessible scipts, minus the frameworks and built using progressive enhancement.

Read about Vana11y on its site.

News and links

Google’s AI is getting really good at captioning photos: From the post, “Google has released its “Show and Tell” algorithm to developers, who can train it recognize objects in photos with up to 93.9 percent accuracy.”

DOJ vs. UC Berkeley: Forcing online content to be accessible: From the post, “UC Berkeley is figuring out what to do next as the U.S. Department of Justice tells it to make its online audio and video content accessible.”

New CSS accessibility task force has kicks off: From the site, “The APA, ARIA, and CSS working groups met [recently] to kick off the task force. The task force is now active, recruiting, and sarting up work.”

Resources, tools and tutorials

New to A11y

Accessibility expert Derek Featherstone gave a talk at the Chicago Web Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup recently about a field guide to web accessibility that everyone should listen to when they have the chance.

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