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Featured: A practical approach to automated accessibility

“As web or mobile developers your job can already be packed full of processes, code reviews, and more information that your brain can handle. So what is the most practical way in which we can bring automated accessibility into the development lifecycle, while effectively making it apart of the development culture? Let’s dive in!”

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Sponsored: Axe-con Speaker Spotlight - Anna E. Cook

Meet Anna E. Cook (YouTube video), Senior Inclusive Designer at Microsoft, before she opens the Design Track at axe-con 2023!

Anna will be talking about “Microsoft Inclusive Design: The Cognitive Model” - the newest addition to the Microsoft toolkit, a set of guidelines to recognize cognitive differences, and the kinds of exclusion that emerge from failing to recognize them.

All sessions are recorded and registration is free.

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Sarah R. Barrett says, "Your IA is almost certainly a huge accessibility problem. By leaving accessibility out of IA (and IA out of accessibility), we are building deeply inaccessible, exclusionary structures." Sarah makes an important point. We can avoid those exclusionary structures by doing the work and not looking for shortcuts.

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