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Featured: The web needs a native .visually-hidden

“This snippet of styles works really well, and has been iterated upon and vetted by accessibility practitioners over the years. However, it would be a big win for the web to have a native HTML or CSS technique, no copypasta required, to visually hide elements while still exposing them to assistive technologies.”

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Sponsored: Sponsored: Axe-con Speaker Spotlight - Jutta Treviranus

Meet Jutta Treviranus (YouTube video), Founder and Director of the Inclusive Design Research Center, before she opens the Wildcard Track at axe-con 2023!

Jutta will be talking about “Preparing Accessibility for the Future and the Present” - how potential barriers and risks are propagating and morphing as the accessibility field is growing. She’ll discuss what is the role of accessibility in escalating deployment of AI and the emergence of new virtual worlds.

All sessions are recorded and registration is free.

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People around the world are mourning the loss of disability rights activist Judy Heumann. Called the “the mother” of the disability rights movement in the United States, Heumann played a part in disability legislation, wrote a popular memior and was featured in a Netflix documentary. It’s important to learn from those who have carved a path for the rest of us in the accessibility field.

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