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Featured: Progress over perfection: The better way for communication and accessibility advocacy

“Disability and accessibility advocates are passionate. They speak up about accessibility problems. Sometimes, it can have the opposite effect. A progress over perfection approach to communication educates people and it’s kinder. This article has four steps on how to do that.”

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Sponsored: Free webinar - Developers’ guide to getting started with accessibility testing

In celebration of this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), we’re hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, May 16th from 2:00-3:00 PM ET.

Attendees will learn how to achieve the following using entirely free tools:

  • Significantly improve your code quality without disrupting your existing testing processes
  • Automatically catching the majority of accessibility issues in-browser
  • Extending accessibility coverage even further with guided testing
  • Automatically catching accessibility issues with even less effort in a VS Code linter
  • Learning how to solve accessibility issues without any WCAG expertise required

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Liz Jackson gave a talk about how empathy reifies disability stigmas in 2019 that you should watch. Liz continues to push designers to go beyond empathy to something that can lead to much better results. Pay attention.

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