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Featured: Do we need WCAG 3 (now)?

“It feels wasteful that we are training people and companies on WCAG 2.2 in the next five years, only to then pivot to the shiny new thing. Which in practice will not be a significant improvement for disabled people, apart from the new less black-and-white cognitive requirements6”

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Sponsored: Consumer Duty implies digital accessibility: Are you ready for the deadline?

On July 31, 2023, the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) new Consumer Duty policy comes into force in the United Kingdom (UK). This standard protects all consumers across financial services and implies digital accessibility.

Learn more about this upcoming UK deadline.

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The BBC accessibility team has written on how to document the screen reader user experience, which covers a ton of ground for designers. It includes tips plus a process to follow. It may not all fit into your workflow, but I bet you’ll find something to make your designs better.

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