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Featured: Accessibility is not inclusive design or disability rights. It’s a part of it.

“For me, accessibility is mainly a set of practices that allow practitioners to build their product in a way that does not introduce obvious barriers for users. To do that effectively, of course they need to learn about the disabled experience and how people (in my case) use the web. And hopefully that sparks interest and thinking more about disability needs as a whole.”

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Sponsored: Key considerations for accessibility in WordPress

Equalize Digital is excited to announce the release of a new “front-end highlighting” feature for its WordPress Accessibility Checker plugin, funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Equalize Digital Accessibility Checker is software that adds automated accessibility testing into the WordPress content management system, which powers more than 41% of the web. Released in early 2021, the plugin is open source and offers a free version available for anyone with a WordPress website via the WordPress plugin directory.

NASA funds development of front-end highlighting feature for Equalize Digital Accessibility Checker.

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Whitney Lewis covers a topic you might think you know already: A beginner’s guide to lists and how to make them accessible. I like the clear guidance on when to use lists here.

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