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Featured: Totally remdom, or how browsers zoom text

“Last week, I lied to my students. After I explained how the rem unit worked, I told them that they could compare px and rem by increasing the font size in their mobile browsers and see how it affects text zoom.”

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Sponsored: Webinar - Discover Equalize Digital’s Accessibility Checker

Join Amber and Chris Hinds of Equalize Digital for a demo of their WordPress Accessibility Checker plugin and a discussion on how you can use it to speed up accessibility testing and make your website (or the websites you build) comply with accessibility laws around the world. Get a behind-the-scenes look at pro features, including our new Audit History add-on, and learn more about how the Equalize Digital team uses Accessibility Checker as they build and remediate websites.

Read more about Discover Equalize Digital’s Accessibility Checker - webinar Nov. 16th at 10 AM US Central.

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Hidde de Vries answers some common (web) accessibility questions that you might have. These answers are concise and lack nuance, which can be helpful if you struggle with the “it depends” nature of accessibility work.

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