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Featured: Accessibility training will not save you

"The idea behind training was that while we still needed a subject matter expert (me), my role would be an advisor and program manager, teams would only need me once they’d exhausted their research or newly-gained knowledge.

This model does not work. Especially for an organization with multiple products, multiple platforms, and multiple development teams."

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Sponsored: Component pattern libraries for an accessible WordPress experience with Reed Piernock

This presentation will demonstrate how pattern library systems work, how themes and blocks can be built using shared components, and how accessibility testing is an integral part of the process from concept to deployment. It will also illustrate how building an accessible system takes the burden away from content editors by allowing them to focus only on any accessibility warning or errors in the content they control.

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Nathan Knowler explains that context matters for semantic HTML, laying out three stages for learning HTML. I like this breakdown, and it’s a good way to judge your understanding of HTML elements.

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