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Featured: Never underestimate HTML

“‘HTML is easy.’, ‘Frontend development is easier than backend development.’, ‘Updating the UI should be a simple task once the backend is ready.’—these and other similar statements reached my ears time and again during my career as a web developer. Very often, these made me sad.”

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Sponsored: Meetup on how to write accessible website copy this Thursday

On Thursday, January 4th at 10 AM US Central, Abby Wood from the Content Lab will present on how to make website copy accessible from various perspectives, including reading levels, neurodivergent needs, dyslexia, and Parkinson’s. Held via Zoom with live captions.

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People often overlook performance as part of experiences that work for everyone. Lazar Nikolov shows you how to identify and fix render-blocking resources. This post covers a lot of details, including how to work in some browsers.

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