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Featured: Money talks! Formatting currency in web content

“I was aware that money in web content is a bit unusual, in that money amounts are not typically spoken in the same sequence they are written, i.e., we write “$58.96” but say ‘fifty-eight dollars and ninety-six cents’. I figured the best thing to do is to follow my own “best advice” and conduct some testing. In particular, I wanted to test how various screen readers announce different variations in how currency is formatted.”

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Sponsored: Presentation - Building a low-code accessible WooCommerce website

Monday, January 15 at 7 PM US Central. Case study presentation from Amber Hinds, CEO of Equalize Digital on building an accessible drop-shipping WooCommerce website. Amber will share the process for building, testing, and remediating in WooCommerce, including specific plugin findings (good and bad). Held via Zoom with live captions.

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Alex Cabal writes about a side project that serves millions of requests per month with a 2GB VPS and a simple tech stack. Alex makes the point that the approach allows for easier long-term maintainability and accessibility.

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