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Featured: What’s wrong with VPATs?

“A discussion of some problems with VPATs and ACRs and their role in the procurement process for government and large organizations. From that discussion, I’ll also put forward the kind of accessibility documentation that I think would be more valuable when purchasing a product.”

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Sponsored: Opinion - Why accessible websites are critical to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Digital accessibility advances Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) by embracing the widest possible user group, recognizing and respecting a broad array of abilities and needs, and reflecting a conscious approach to inclusion.

Explore how Mangrove thinks about the interconnectedness of DEI and accessibility.

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An interesting read on how the Gestalt design system approaches accessibility through documentation. Pinterest’s uses Gestalt as its design system, and it’s always good to take inspiration in a space that’s so important to scaling accessibility.

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