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Featured: Alt text selfies

“… a celebration and collection of alt text selfies — self-portrait descriptions that are shared online.”

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Deep dive: Handling errors

The Deep dive is a collection of links focused on a specific topic. Angela Fowler curated this month’s deep dive. Angela is an accessibility consultant and the founder of Real Life Access. Totally blind since birth, she strives to be part of constructive solutions which will make the world more accessible to everyone.

The life of a screen reader user. You finally get around to completing that online form you’ve put off for days. You tab and type and select, answering all the prompts in what common sense would tell you is the correct way. You hit submit and sigh in relief at a task finally accomplished… except… when you hit submit nothing happens! It seems you made an mistake, but as you explore the page you cannot determine the error. After several minutes of double checking you manage to complete the form, but your sense of accomplishment has been replaced by one of exasperation as you think, “they could have designed that so much better!”

Accessible error handling is so important, and yet so often forgotten. The following articles will give you the information you need to save your customers endless frustration.

New to A11y

Karl Groves wrote a good introduction to keyboard accessibility that touches on device independence, common issues and more. Colleagues will know that I’m constantly pointing out one of these major issues across products and sites: a lack of focus indicators. It’s a good measurement of if a team gets accessibility details.

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