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The evolution of Accessibility Weekly

More than a month ago, I launched Accessibility Weekly with the hope of making the field of web accessibility easier to learn and follow. I’ve had  a blast watching the list steadily grow and receiving a handful of emails and tweets with positive feedback.

That said, I want to keep experimenting with Accessibility Weekly and hone in on one of the biggest reasons I started it in the first place. To give those new and/or interested in accessibility a way in.

So expect some tweaks in format. The first thing I plan to do is expanding the “New to A11y” section, making it a short article or a series of links with a theme. Fear not though, I still plan to mix in valuable tips and links for veterans in the field.

If you have ideas or something you want to see in Accessibility Weekly, just hit reply to this email and let me know.

News and links

Early draft for Script-Based Web Accessibility: If you’re interested in scripted access to the accessibility layer, then this spec is for you. Discussion happens here.

JAWS 17 released: The new release includes lots of new features in one of the world’s most popular screen readers.

Resources, tools and tutorials

New to A11y

John Marshall of Conversant Labs gives you a modern history of assistive technology for the blind.

Suggestions and corrections

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