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Featured: Why accessibility testing with real users is so important

Nothing beats testing with real people and real customers Helen Wood and Jennifer Klinec of the Crown Prosecution Service inside the UK Government say, “But when we tested the service with some real users, we found that there were lots of things that the external consultancy didn’t pick up…”

Read Why accessibility testing with real users is so important.

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Empathy and inclusive design have popped up more and more in the tech community lately. How do you get started? Vitaly Friedman says it starts with respect. “It’s a truly wonderful time to be designing and building for the web, and I couldn’t be more excited and honored to be a part of these developments. However, there’s still something that seems to be too often forgotten or ignored or even dismissed for the sake of business goals. It’s respect, a genuine, authentic feeling of respect towards our customers and our visitors.”

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